This secret of the death of 400 people is hidden behind its beauty …

Britain This Hasina, who is so beautiful, has killed 400 people, but not with her beauty. Let us tell you how. Samantha Luthweight, the infamous British terrorist, known as ‘G White Widow’, has killed 400 people. White Widow’s father is retired from the Northern Ireland Army.

She is the widow of Jermaine Lindsey, one of the 2005 suicide bombers in London. Luthweight had fled the UK since the 2005 attack. It was only in 2005 that she was killed. But later it is revealed that he is alive and is absconding. According to media reports, the terrorist White Widow was involved in suicide attacks in Somalia and Kenya and other terrorist attacks, including car blasts. According to the government security report, 32-year-old terrorist White Widow is the mother of four children. An official of the Somalia Senior Anti Terrorism Squad said.

Admit the Corona crisis, Trump made such a statement, blowing everyone’s senses

The American President is in the news about Corona. He has said that the country is winning the war against the corona virus. Soon the Corona Virus Task Force formed in the White House will be dissolved. Significantly, till now, more than 1.2 million people have been infected and more than 72 thousand people have died in America. On an average, one thousand people are dying from corona every day. Epidemiologists are surprised by his decision.

“We have overcome the danger,” Trump said at Honeywell International in Phoenix. Now we are in the next phase of this fight. The spread of the virus in the country is decreasing. Thank you for the commitment of the citizens. He said that now the economy is being opened up in a very safe and phased manner. Trump repeated the slogan of American First.


He said that the US administration relied on simple rules. Buy country made goods and recruit Americans. You are all warriors. With your help we will defeat Corona. Seeing our country coming back on track. Epidemiologists of the world are surprised by Trump’s decision. He says that the spread of the virus is not over yet. A second attack of the virus may occur a few days after the lockdown. In such a situation, this decision can be fatal.

In this country unique customs have to be done by two women, if not done …

 This world is full of its unique customs and surprising traditions. Now, if we talk about the rules of marriage, then in our country, second marriage without divorce is considered a punishable offense. But there is a country in the world where a man is required to marry two women. Not only this, a man may also have to eat jail air if he does not do so. Yes, we are talking about the African country of Eritrea, where according to the rule, it is necessary for all men to have two marriages.

The reason for this is that the ratio of men to women is very low here. For this reason, a man has to marry two women here. The government has also made a law for this. Men who do not follow this government law can also be punished. If men do not marry two women, they also have to eat the air of jail.

Also, if the first wife tries to do any kind of inattention to the second marriage, then women can also be punished like life imprisonment. Has been Although Eritrea is also being criticized in other countries of the world due to this law, so far the Government of Eritrea has not taken any step regarding the withdrawal of this law.

Infection is not spreading even when persistent with corona positive patients, because …

Jharkhand. Such cases have been found with many patients from Jharkhand. Doctors are surprised to see that people in regular contact do not get the infection. For him, the impact and infection of the corona remain a mystery. HOD Prof. Dr. JK Mitra of Rheims’s Department of Medicine says that the effects of corona and symptoms of infection are not understood. It is a matter of research.

Observation is being done about this. The first infection of the corona in the state was found in a Malaysian woman from Tabligi Jamaat, caught from Hindpiri. The woman was accompanied by her husband. The husband was also with the woman when she was brought to Rheims from an ambulance. When the woman was being admitted to the Kovid Center in Rheims, she was crying with her husband. The woman was admitted after a four-hour drama from Khelgaon to Rheims.

Despite the investigation of the two cases, the woman’s husband did not get the infection. The woman recovered and got discharged. Eight members of a family of Hindpeedhi lived together. A 54-year-old woman was found positive on April 6. On 9 April, the woman’s husband, three sons, a daughter-in-law and a grandson (five from the family) were found positive. Two days later the husband died of corona. Three days later, the woman also died. But what is surprising is that the woman’s second grandson and a daughter-in-law could not touch the infection.

While these people also lived together. Four members who were found positive have also recovered. A corona-infected woman from Hindpiri was delivered at Sadar Hospital on 15 April. Her husband was also infected. Four health workers and a security personnel who came in contact with the husband and wife in the hospital also succumbed to infection. Spouses with newborns were admitted to RIMS. The woman continued to feed the baby. But the child is infection free. Husband and wife have also recovered.

Two more such cases were found in RIMS. These infected women were also delivered, but their infants remained negative. Dr. Brajesh Mishra, HOD of TB & Chest department of Kovid 19’s nodal officer Rims, says the changing appearance of the corona is a surprise. Jharkhand is a malaria affected state. Here, due to this, the effect of corona may change.

Regarding the newborn, Dr. Mishra says that research has found that there is no infection in the baby born from the womb of the infected woman. At the same time, no infection has been found in breast milk. Dr. JK Mitra, medicine HOD of RIMS, says that the spread of infection depends on many reasons. How long and what kind of contact is with the patient. How is the immunity of the exposed people. This also depends on infection. Despite this, such cases are definitely a matter of research.

The new fledgling bride could not fulfill this demand if the husband beat her…

In the district, if the demand for additional money in dowry is not met, a case of beating up a newly married woman has been reported. After which the police have registered a case of dowry and murder against 3 people from the in-laws side of the deceased and have taken the killer husband into custody. Also, the Panchnama of the dead body has been sent for post-mortem. The case is of Jahangirabad Kotwali area. Zoya, who resides, was beaten to death on Thursday.


It is alleged that Zoya’s in-laws were demanding additional dowry. It is being told that Zoya of Shikarpur had married Nikah 4 months ago with Abbas living in Sasni village of Jahangirabad. Family members allege that at the time of marriage, they gave more dowry and car than their capacity. But the people of the in-laws side again started demanding additional dowry and when the demand was not met, Zoya was beaten to death. In this case, Sadiq Hussain, a relative of the deceased, said that they had married a few months ago.

He then demanded money and a motorcycle from her and constantly beat her. Many times Zoya also told us by phone, but we thoughtfully told her to stay there. We had given him 50,000 a few days ago and now it is reported that he has been beaten to death. We informed the police. SP Dehat Manish Mishra said that a case of murder of a woman has come up. The body has been taken and sent for post-mortem. The husband has been detained. A case has been filed against three people at Shikarpur police station. Action is being taken after investigation.

When the casting director told Ayushmann – ‘I want to see your tool’

Ayushman Khurana is one of the few Bollywood actors who gave both content and money to the industry. As a result, his last seven consecutive films have been superhit. She had made her debut on the subject of sperm donation, ‘Vicky Donor’, who was last seen talking about homosexuality in ‘Shubh Mangal more careful’. However, when all this started happening, he also encountered the infamous casting couch in the film industry. Recently while talking to a cinema website, Ayushmann said that a casting director had also demanded ‘sexual favors’ from him.

Has anyone in the industry ever asked you for a strange offer or a sexual favor. In an interview to Pinkvilla, Ayushmann gave this question and said-

“It happened to me once. There was a casting director who said that I want to see your tool. If you do this, then I will cast you in the lead role in a film. I politely declined his offer. I told them that I am straight, that is, I am interested in women. “

Ayushmann said that he never had to do much struggle in his career. He was confident that if acting did not work, then he would run his work by doing something else. Because he had been a roadie, singer, RJ and video jockey before coming to the field of acting. Ayushmann says that when one of the early films of his career ‘Hawaiian’ sank, he started practicing with his band from the next day.

However, Ayushmann also has some complaints from Mumbai. He had been in Mumbai for some 2-3 days and was in a party. It was raining heavily outside. Ayushmann felt that someone would drop him at his house. But by the end of the party, everyone left. Finally Ayushman had to walk two hours on the road filled with water and reach Lokhandwala bysaw.

Zarine Khan told, Salman Khan during the shooting of Veer ….

Zarine Khan is currently living in Mumbai with her sister, mother and grandfather. Recently he spoke about his lockdown schedule during Fever Digital’s 100 Hours 100 Stars. Zarine said, many people are sharing their photos on social media while eating and sleeping. Those people are very lucky who are able to do it because I have a lot of work at home.

Regarding his daily schedule, Zarine said, “This is the month of Ramadan, so we do that work from morning till 2 in the afternoon.” After this I do the rest of the housework. I then work for 3 hours. Then in the evening I interact with my fans and if I get more free time, then I am watching belly dance videos and learning some recipes as well because I do not know how to cook. Recently I also joined Tick Talk.


Zarine further said, in this lockdown, I have learned one thing that we should value everything. Along with this, I have also learned to value the people working at home, how those people work in so many houses. During this time, Zarine said about the experience of working with Salman in the film Veer, I used to always watch her. I could not believe that I was working with him. When asked Zarine if he knows how Salman is spending time in lockdown, he said, “I get to know everything through Instagram and sometimes she talks to him through messages too.”

Talking to boyfriend on phone for long, sudden death …

Varanasi. In Varanasi, a BA student hanged himself to death. She used to live in hostels. His body was found hanging from the trap in the hostel itself. When the girl’s room partner returned from outside, when she saw this scene, she became more noisy. He immediately informed the police. Police reached the spot and took the body down from the noose and sent it for postmortem. The police has started the investigation.

Anjali (19), a resident of Nalanda, Bihar, was a BA First Year student in Arya Kanya PG College, Varanasi. She lived in a private hostel in Dalhatta area of ​​Chetganj police station area of ​​Varanasi. It is being told that Anjali was worried since Wednesday afternoon. He talked to his boyfriend till late at night. After that there was a dispute between the two about something. After which Anjali hanged herself to death.

Anjali’s room partner told during police interrogation that Anjali had attempted suicide a day earlier after quarreling over the phone. But she was on the room at that time and persuaded Anjali to convince her. Upon her understanding, Anjali agreed and gave up the idea of ​​suicide.

Inspector Chetganj Praveen Kumar told that preliminary investigation has revealed the suicide. The student had hanged a scarf with a scarf in his room. Due to which he died. The body has been sent for post-mortem. Further action is being taken on the basis of the details of the student’s mobile.

Sherlyn Chopra revealed- I could not understand the meaning of the director’s ‘dinner’ …

Actress Sherlyn Chopra often makes headlines with her pictures and statements. She has always been vocal about everything that bothers her. Now the actress revealed in an interview how in the early days she was called to dinner by several filmmakers and she could not understand what she meant.

The actress is currently in Quarantine during the lockdown days. In an interview given to Koimoi, Sherlyn Chopra made several revelations about the early days. During this time, when he was asked that he had ever faced something in this industry that has troubled you?

Sherlyn said, “Yes, in the beginning when no one knew me, I often approached the filmmakers, hoping to see my ability to do the work that I see in me. When I She also used to go to him with her portfolio, then she used to say – Okay, okay, we meet at dinner. And when I used to ask him when I would come, he used to say that it was 11 or 12 at night. But I could not understand this at that time.

What does dinner mean? Talking about this, Sherlyn Chopra said, “I did not understand at that time that their dinner meant something else. For them, dinner means compromise. So when this happened to me four to five times, then I realized what it means to have dinner. Dinner means ‘come to me’

Sherlyn Chopra told that when she came to know about it, she started denying it. They were constantly being contacted. After this I decided that – I do not want to have dinner at all. I found out that this is their codeword. After this, whoever approached me for dinner, I started saying – I do not have dinner, my diet is going on. You call at breakfast, call at lunch. Again they did not contact.

Recently, he made serious allegations against filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. In an interview, the actress also spoke openly about the Bollywood industry. The actress had told that Ram Gopal Varma offered her to work in adult film and also sent pornographic messages. Sharleen Chopra, while targeting Ram Gopal Varma, said that in the film industry, actors coming from outside are discriminated against and exploited.

New turn in murder of female constable, husband commits suicide in Meerut

The murder of a woman constable of Delhi Police in Lodhi Colony in Delhi took a new turn when her accused husband who was absconding after the murder also shot himself dead in Meerut. In the initial investigation, the police feared a house arrest behind the incident.

Manoj, who was posted as the head constable in Delhi Police, shot himself in Meerut late Tuesday after allegedly killing his constable wife, killing her. Deputy Commissioner of Police of South Delhi district Atul Thakur gave this information late Tuesday night. He said that Manoj, the head constable posted in the special cell, shot himself late at Jamalpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district.

Significantly, on Tuesday morning, the body of a woman policeman Renu Malik was found lying inside the car in Lodhi Colony area of ​​Delhi. Police investigation revealed that the woman constable was posted in Outer-North district of Delhi. After this, her husband Manoj, who was posted as Head Constable in the Special Cell of Delhi Police, was suspected of murder.


Manoj was absconding since the incident. Several police teams were pressed into service to catch him, but it was reported that he shot himself late at night. Investigation revealed that Manoj had come to his native village Jamalpur, Thane Inauli in Meerut on Tuesday. He shot and died here late at night for fear of being caught. In the initial investigation, the police feared a house arrest behind the incident. Police is investigating the case