You played ‘Narad’ to block Reliance-Future deal: FMCG distributors to Bezos


New Delhi, March 4 : All India Consumer Products Distributors Federation has written to Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO, Amazon that he decided to play ‘Narad’ to block the Reliance-Future deal.

In a letter, the association said hundreds of their members and families are suffering on account of Amazon’s unwarranted adventurism.

Around 6,000 members have dues of Rs 6,000 crore from Kishore Biyani’s Future Group pending since March last year. The Reliance-Future deal in August had given hope of these dues being cleared soon.

“However, you decided to play Narad and blocked this deal by putting hurdles at every juncture,” the association said.

While Amazon continues with “Great Game of World Domination”, the distributors have become collateral damage as payments are blocked and families are in great financial distress.

“May we suggest you back off from this petty war that you are fighting,” it added. “And if you are so litigation hungry, go and sue Kishore Biyani anywhere you like. In New Delhi, Singapore or Seattle. Or you may prefer Beverly Hills where you own a $ 165 million mansion,” it added.

The association members have decided to send “Get Well Soon” cards to the Amazon office in Bangalore by India Post.