What Can Happen to Your Body If You Wear High Heels Shoes Every Day


Viral News Boy :- Without a doubt, wearing high heels makes girls feel beautiful and taller. However, it is important to know that despite the fact that high heels are very useful to ladies, high heels can also cause lots of health issues. In this article, am going to show you what can happen to your body if you wear high heels every day.


1. Back pain issue

Have you ever noticed yourself bending forward after wearing high heels for the whole day? This happens because most of the time, you wish to release the pressure on your back. It is advisable to limit the way you wear high heels if you don’t want your shape of the spine to change.

2. You may damage your knees.

If you wear high heels every day, you risk the probability of damaging your knees. Due to the excessive knee torque (force of rotation) and compression, your knees may get thorn.

3. Your hips may be implicated

If you are the kind of person who wears high heels often, then you might have hip discomfort later. According to research, your hip flexor muscles are impelled to remain in a constantly flexed position, therefore this muscle compression may cause some health problems.

4. You may develop hammertoe

It is advisable to stop wearing high heels every day if you don’t want to develop a hammertoe. Hammertoe is caused by restricting your toes from their normal position because they are forced to stay inside your shoes.


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