Ways you can treat chronic back pain without surgery


Viral News Boy :- Back pain is pain felt in the human back that may come from the spine, muscles, nerves, or other structures in the back.

It affects people of any age group especially those who sit to work for long hours of the day. It can sometimes be excruciating. There are different factors that can contribute to chronic back pain.

It is considered chronic if it lasts three months. Having back pain can be excruciating when you don’t know the cause.

In this article, I will discuss common chronic back pain causes and nonsurgical treatment options

Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain most of the time, comes with age, but can also result from injury. The most common causes include:

1. Arthritis of the spine

The trimming of the cartilage inside the spine

2. Spinal stenosis

narrowing of the spinal canal that may lead to nerve pain

3. Disc problems

4. unexplained muscle pain and tenderness

In some cases, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of chronic back pain. Always seek the opinion of a back pain specialist before embarking on ant treatment.

Nonsurgical Treatments for Chronic Back Pain

1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for chronic back pain may include:

(a) Retraining your posture

(b) Testing the limits of pain tolerance

(c) Stretching and flexibility exercises

(d) Aerobic exercises

(e) Core strengthening

2. Diet

Some diets are highly inflammatory such as food high in fats, refined sugars, and processed foods.

Keeping and maintaining a healthy weight can also help lessen your back pain by reducing the pressure on your spine.

3. Mindfulness and Meditation

Chronic back pain can strain you both physically and emotionally. So, if you’re suffering from it, you may be referred to a rehabilitation psychologist. This specialist may recommend meditation, yoga, etc

4. Injection-based Treatments

There are some injections you can take on a doctor’s prescription such as Nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, nerve ablations.

5. Lifestyle Modifications



When you have chronic pain, you need to watch your lifestyle, diet, and medications you take. Avoid anything that worsens your pain. You need to modify your lifestyle.

6. Alternative Treatments such as the ones mentioned below;

Acupuncture massage

Biofeedback therapy

Laser therapy

Electrical nerve stimulation,

7. Pharmacologic Treatments

Analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and other medications can be used to help control chronic back pain. However, most come with unwanted side effects and are not intended for prolonged use.

Do not make hasty decisions or undergo medical procedures until the origin of the pain is found.