Ways to use gram flour for hair removal and to get glowing skin naturally


Viral News Boy :- Besan or gram flour has for quite some time been utilized in India for its numerous advantages for skin and hair care. Indeed, it is a customary home cure utilized right from when one is a child. Besan as uptans or epilation equation for child hair, during adulthood in a heap number of packs and scours to deal with magnificence gives directly from skin break out to tanning, purging and shedding. As anyone might expect, the world is currently awakening to this must-have magnificence fundamental that is gram flour.Dr. Geeta Grewal, Cosmetic Surgeon and Wellness Expert, 9Muses Wellness Clinic, Gurugram takes you through the different approaches to utilize gram flour and furthermore gives you plans for packs and medicines you can make and apply at home.

Regular Hair Remover

In India, gram flour has been utilized to eliminate fine beard growth. Indeed, a gram flour scour is utilized to eliminate hair from everywhere the body for infants. In case you are burnt out on stringing and waxing your face, you could attempt gram flour hair evacuation also. Simply remember a couple of things before you start. First off, steam your face so the pores open and the hair is simpler to eliminate from the roots; Don’t rub too cruelly as that would make your skin become excited and aggravated. Remember to do a fix test first to check in case you are oversensitive to any of the fixings in the home cure and don’t be eager since you should rehash the treatment various occasions before you get the outcomes you want.


Step 1: Make a glue with gram flour and fenugreek powder and yoghurt.

Step 2: Apply this over the spaces where you need to eliminate hair.

Step 3: Allow it to dry. Wet your face with a little water and clean away the glue.

Carries shine to the skin

Gram flour packs do some amazing things in retaining the abundance oil and purifying your skin also. Gram flour has alkalizing properties that keeps the pH levels of your skin adjusted. It is additionally extremely retentive and absorbs all the additional oil. Gram flour has been utilized for lighting up one’s skin tone for quite a long time and its very purging properties leave your face looking its best.


Add a large portion of a cup besan, a touch of turmeric powder and quarter cup new milk to make a smooth glue. Apply equally all over and neck region and leave it on for 20-25 minutes. Wash with tepid water to see the shine.

Eliminates dim fix from the elbow

Tanning and obscuring of elbows is quite possibly the most troublesome and obstinate regions to eliminate dark spots. Be that as it may, there are sure home solutions for assist you with disposing of dull and dark elbows. Gram flour purges the region and furthermore gives gentle peeling. Lemon juice goes about as a characteristic blanch that will assist with decreasing the haziness from your elbows.


Add a teaspoonful of lime juice to a teaspoon loaded with gram flour to make it a glue. You need to adjust the consistency of the glue via cautiously adding or decreasing the lemon juice to make it minimal thicker. Apply the blend and focus on round movement on your elbows. Permit it to get and wash it dry with cold water.

Fixes Dry Skin

It is safe to say that you are considering how we can offer such conflicting expressions, particularly when we have quite recently discussed how gram flour can assist manage sleek skin? Indeed, that is the miracle of gram flour that helps control slickness and furthermore handles dry, textured skin. When besan is blended in with milk cream (malai), it goes about as a great lotion. You could likewise add some olive oil or almond oil and get a similar results.


Step 1: Mix gram flour and milk cream to make a paste

Step 2: Apply this to your face and neck

Step 3: Wash it off before it dries totally

Best for peeling

Peeling ought to be a fundamental piece of your excellence routine since, in such a case that you don’t clean away all the dead skin cells, the garbage begins to stack up leaving your skin looking dull and inert. While there are many cleans accessible on the lookout, there’s nothing similar to a decent, home-made gram flour scour to get the gleam back all over. What’s more, its current circumstance cordial as well.


Step 1: Combine 3 teaspoons gram flour with 1 teaspoon ground oats, 2 teaspoons cornflour and milk.

Step 2: Gently rub this on your moist face and leave on for around 10 minutes.

Step 3: Wash off

Hair cleaning agent

Has your hair turned dull and dead as a result of the multitude of financially accessible shampoos and cleaning agents? All things considered, perhaps its opportunity to attempt a hand crafted hair cleanser.


Step 1: Make a straightforward flimsy glue of besan and water. Take as much gram flour and water as you might suspect is important to cover your scalp.

Step 2: Apply the glue uniformly all around your scalp.

Step 3: Leave on for 10 minutes and wash off.

Tan lightener

Assuming you need to return to your regular shading, ditch the cruel compound tan lighteners and attempt gram flour rather for tan evacuation. With its multipurpose advantages, there isn’t anything very like gram flour and best of all, it is quite often accessible in your kitchen. Gram flour has been utilized for de-tanning and lighting up one skin tone for quite a long time and its very purifying properties leave your face putting its best self forward ever. Attempt this kitchen cure today. 


Step 1: Mix 4 teaspoons gram flour with a touch of turmeric, 1 teaspoon of curd and the juice of a lemon. The nutrient C in lemon will lessen pigmentation, while dahi will saturate your skin.

Step 2: Add a touch of salt for shedding benefits

Step 3: Apply to your skin and face every day and you will get results after drawn out use.