Warning signs of Cardiac arrest


Viral News Boy :- There are a lot of severe illness today, that a lot of people suffer from. Health they say is wealth, there is nothing like a person living without any illness or dangerous disease.


Moreover, a healthy man they say is wealthy man, this is to say that sometimes people may have all the money in the world but once that money can’t safe them when we are down, it is indeed useless, because when we die we will leave without any of it. Therefore, from my own point of view, health is indeed the greatest wealth one could achieve.

In other words, one of the severe illness a lot of people today suffer from is Cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is indeed known as a silent killer. The illness is referred to as a silent killer because it can killer instantly and unknowingly. This illness is known as one of the major cause of death in sleep. A lot of people today, have slumped and died as a result of Cardiac arrest.


However, cardiac arrest usually results from an electrical disturbance in the heart. It’s not the same as a heart attack. A lot of people today, think that cardiac arrest and heart attack are the same, but it is actually different though they have similarities. Cardiac arrest is a dangerous illness that occurs suddenly and often without warning. But, we have few signs of this illness that follows with cardiac arrest, if action is not taken

Warning signs of Cardiac arrest are;

1. Chest pain or discomfort.

2. Heart palpitations.

3. Rapid or irregular heartbeats.

4. Unexplained wheezing.

5. Shortness of breath.

6. Fainting or near fainting.

7. Lightheadedness or dizziness.

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