Use Water to Clear Acne And it’s Benefits.





Viral News Boy :- We all want a smooth face free of acne. Acne is built up dirt and bacterial filled bumps that appear on oily skin surfaces. When you have acne it can deminish your self esteem and confidence. With a lot of acne treatments out there you can get rid of it by yourself or consult a dermatologist. The good news is you can use very simple methods to fight acne, especially with water.

You can use water to fight acne by, steaming your face once a week. All you have to do is, heat the water until it’s hot but don’t boil it to 100° as it can damage your skin cells and worsen your skin condition. Pour the water into a basin then face the steam with the back of your head covered with a towel. Do this for 10 minutes, and then rinse your face.

Here are the benefits of face steaming:

– It Promotes Blood Circulation which nourishes the skin, by delivering oxygen and getting a natural glow.

– It fights acne causing bacteria, and unclogs pores by getting rid of dead skin.

– It releases excess and trapped sebum, which is a naturally occurring oil, produced by the skin sebaceous glands to lubricate skin. When it gets trapped beneath the surface of your skin, it forms a breeding ground for bacteria which cause acne.

– It cleanses and hydrates your skin by opening up pores, and realising built up dirt. It hydrates by realising and increasing natural oils, that moisturizes your skin naturally.