Top Maoist Ranjith surrenders before Telangana police


Hyderabad: Top Maoist Ravula Ranjith aka Srikanth on Wednesday surrendered before the Director General of Police at state police headquarters.

Addressing a press conference DGP M Mahender Reddy informed that Ravula Ranjith is the son of late Ravula Srinivas aka Ramanna, Central Committee member & sdecretary Maoist party. Since his childhood he was taught about revolutionary ideology and waging war against the State with an objective of establishing New Democratic Revolution (NDR) through the barrel of gun.

Though Ranjit had attended school in Nizamabad, later he joined underground armed formations after completion of his Class-X in Apr, 2015. Later In Nov, 2019, he got elevated as Platoon Party Committee (PPC) Member.

MS Education Academy

In the year 2020, Erram attack wherein one company Party Committee (CYPC) Member died with no causalities to the security forces. Participated in Minapa attack in the year 2020, wherein 23Security personnel and 3 party cadre died in a deliberate ambush by the Maoists and the party recovered 12 AK-47 and 2Insas rifles from security forces. He also actively took part in Jeeram attack in Apr, 2021, wherein 26-Security forces and 6-party cadre died and the party recovered 14 fire arms from security forces. Participated in Thimpuram ambush.

He realized that under the current circumstances, there are no grounds for the armed outfit to pursue the revolutionary movement in the light of digital revolution coupled with the welfare oriented and people friendly policies of the Government.

The police claimed that surrendered Maoist Ranjith feels that there is no reason to continue the guerilla warfare and mindless violence by the Maoists as people are getting enlightened and no more prepared to tolerate it. Though born and brought up in the thick of Maoist movement, he grasped that there is no relevance and acceptance for the movement today’s context.

He also, appealed to the Maoist cadres to give up arms and join the mainstream.

The DGP Telangana Mahender Reddy has appealed the Moist cadres to join the mainstream and take part in the advancement of the Nation through constructive participation and benefit from the rehabilitation process of Telangana State which includes immediate relief with suitable amount and other support measures