Tooth Sensitivity: Causes, Symptoms And How To Prevent It


Viral News Boy :- Have you ever felt pain in your teeth during cold weather, after eating acidic fruits like grapes or even while drinking tea? If you have it means that you have tooth sensitivity. 

Tooth sensitivity is a dental condition that causes discomfort in the teeth usually characterized by a sharp pain in the teeth. It can be triggered by a lot of factors such as response to stimuli or as a result of the temperature of food and drinks. Tooth sensitivity if not treated early can become a chronic problem. Over 1.5million people suffer from tooth sensitivity yearly in Nigeria. 

What causes tooth sensitivity?

1.      Eating acidic foods regularly

2.      Brushing too hard

3.      Using hard toothbrush on your teeth

4.      Constant vomiting

5.      Gum recession or bleeding gums 

6.      Teeth bleaching

7.      Not maintaining proper oral hygiene

8.      Eating starchy and sugary foods all the time

9.      Cracking bottles open with your teeth

10.  Eating sticky foods like toffee and chewing gum 

What are the common symptoms of tooth sensitivity?

1.      Pain in teeth when exposed to cold air or cold environments

2.      Pain while drinking hot beverages

3.      Pain while brushing or flossing

4.      Pain while using mouthwash that contains alcohol

5.      Change in your sense of taste

6.      Swelling of gums  

7.      Redness of gums

8.      Discharge from the gums or teeth

9.      Pain in your jaw

10.  Weight loss

11.  Swelling of jaw 

How can sensitivity of the teeth be treated?

1.      Get your teeth checked by a dentist

2.      Use toothpastes that help to relieve sensitivity of the teeth

3.      Applying fluoride to the sensitive tooth

4.      Surgical gum graft: removing small amount of gum from your mouth and putting it in the area of the sensitive tooth  

Tooth sensitivity can be prevented by doing the following:

1.      Maintain proper healthy oral hygiene

2.      Avoid using your teeth to open bottle

3.      Brush your teeth gently with a medium or soft toothbrush

4.      Reduce your intake of sugary and starchy foods.  

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