The reason for your baldness, know its prevention



Viral News Boy :-  There can be many reasons behind baldness. Nowadays this problem can be seen everywhere. There are also new fashions for hair, due to which the problem of baldness may have to be faced. Women are less prone to baldness than men. Let us know what are the causes of baldness.


 eating disorder

Eating disorders are the biggest reason for your baldness. If your diet lacks iron and protein, then hair fall is inevitable. If you want to avoid the problem of your baldness and hair fall, then include foods rich in iron and protein in your diet. For this, eat green leafy vegetables, eggs etc.

 baldness due to age

As we age, the immunity of our body decreases, due to which hormones are affected. When this happens, our hair starts falling. Taking good care of hair can reduce hair fall even in old age.


 because of hairstyle

Hairstyling also causes the problem of hair fall. This happens when you tie the hair too tightly, it does not allow proper circulation of blood to the roots of your hair and due to this your hair starts falling. Keep a hairstyle that allows proper circulation of blood in your hair.


 drug use

The problem of baldness can be due to contraceptive drugs used by women especially at a young age. Birth control medications affect your hormonal levels in your body. Apart from this, chemotherapy used in cancer, medicines used in headache and fever also cause baldness.


 genetic cause

Genetic reason means that if your grandfather or uncle was a victim of baldness in your family then you can also have baldness, it is called genetic cause.

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