The Dangers of Makeup




Viral News Boy :- How safe is the product you’re using from your preffered makeup brand? Have you ever spent any time checking the safety of the products? Well you should. Everything that comes into contact with your skin could be harzardous especially if it enters your bloodstream. Some ingredients in makeup have heavy metals that are carcinogenic leading to cancers.

Cosmetics such as foundation, lipsticks and mascara, face oils, soaps and cleansers, etc. They are considered to be safe, but there are risks associated with their use.

Safety concerns

Safety concerns that may be included with cosmetics and personal care products include:

-Infection on sensitive parts like Eyes

-Skin discoloration and Bacteria spreading on the skin

-Irritation of the skin and eyes causing itching, peeling and blisters.

-Allergic or sensitivity reaction to ingredients. Some ingredients are carcinogenic meaning they could cause different cancers.

To help reduce the risks of cosmetics, include washing off the makeup before you go to bed and not sharing any products to prevent the spreading bacteria.