The changing face of drains in Indore


Indore, March 3 : The word nullah (drain) conjures up images of filth and stench. But in Indore, the country’s cleanest city, drains have been turned into playgrounds where cricket and football matches are played, people celebrate their wedding anniversaries and health camps are hosted.

The Indore administration wants the city to get the honour of being called the country’s cleanest city for the fifth year in succession. No wonder drains are being given a cleaner, greener makeover.

In this context a health camp was held by the Aurobindo Hospital on a dried nullah-bed at Chaudhary Park. The event was attended by the local MP and MLA.

The civic authorities of Indore have devised an outflow tapping plan that ensures that the sewage that used to be thrown into rivers and ponds falls straight into sewage treatment plants.

The project entails that the city’s dried up drains help beautify the city as well as increase its green cover. Thanks to the civic authorities, the nullah at Kailash Chaudhary Park, for instance, has dried up completely and recently played host to a couple that hosted their wedding anniversary party here.