Take A Look At What Graphic Designs Have Become (30 Photos)


Viral News Boy :- Take A Look At What Graphic Designs Have Become.

The use of computer has grown to ease man’s needs over time. The need for self awareness, the needs for self-improvement, the needs for learning and entertainment and so on.

While so many people do not know how to utilise their possible resources with the use of computer, the few percentage that explore its importance usually end up creating fantastic opportunities for themselves.

These opportunities range from a series of skills like:


graphic designs


Social media

Microsoft Office


Email communication

Marketing automation

Data visualization

Blogging and so on.

However, the world today has shifted from the world we knew before, digitisation has taken over attention and it is time to take a second look at computing and what it has to offer.

Here in this picture, I want you to take a look at what graphic works have become, and how you can improve your skills through this.



Here in the picture, Pato opens a phone screen and turn on emojis in the phone to possible food items, while the two graphic chefs are doing their works simultaneously.


On this picture above, he turned parts of the white pencil into tissue paper, he converted the sharpener into leaked toilet bowl, with the shaft particles of the pencil as his excrement.

In the above picture, the idea here is that the sofa notations in the music list are converted into fried edibles, find out what he fries.


In the picture above, gentle man converts brush into car wash park.

I want you to tell me what you understand in the following graphics, tell me what you think they are doing in any of the works below. Choose only the one you can interpret and watch what other people are saying!




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