Symptoms And Causes Of Armpit Boil


Viral News Boy :- A boil can be referred to as a furuncle.Armpit boil is caused by an infection of the oil gland or air follicle .It is mostly caused by the build up of staphylococcus aureus bacterium in the follicle in form of pus and dead skin.Boils are unsightly and uncomfortable but can improve or ease off.Apart from the armpit, boil can affect other body parts such as The Ear, nose, neck, eyes etc.The symptoms and causes of armpit boil will be discussed in this article. 


Symptoms Of Armpit Boil:

1 Yellow pus

2 Red pump 


3 Pain around or on the pump

4 Itching around the pump

5 Fever.

Causes Of Armpit Boil:

1 Weak immune system 

2 poor hygiene

3 Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating without a proper bath can cause armpit boil 

4 Shaving: If you shave your armpit too often, you may be creating openings under your arms that gives bacteria easy access.

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