Stop wasting your money on detergent: learn how to Make Detergent at home without any cost.



Easy way to make detergent at home

Viral News Boy :- They are so many detergent laundry in the market with beautiful packaging. You might be curious about how to be a producer, even though it only for house alone.

Making of detergent it not deficult as you think, it just a simple process you need to learn.

Below are the requirements for making detergent soap

Full bar of a soap, three cup of borax, three cup of washing soda, empty bow (about 4 litres), sparkler, grater . That is all you need to start making your detergent at home.

Steps on how to start making detergent at home.

Step 1: collect your basic ingredients that is your bar of soap, washing soda, borax gallon, sparkler, and grater. Note: you can you any product of your choice, when it comes to the material types. 

Step 2: Grater the bar of a soap into smaller pieces. Make sure you grater it very well With a good clean grater.

This is how the grated bar of a soap should looking like . this image is for the purpose of making you to understand how to grater your own. For you to make a good detergent at home. 

Step 3: Add three of borax powder to the grated bar of a soap . 

Step 3: put or add three (3) cup of washing soda to the same gallon where the bar of a soap and borax is. 

Step 4: stir it thoroughly, that means stir it very well and be sure everything is well mixed together. 

Step 5: keep on stirring it, make sure you stir it until it become real detergent, don’t stop stirring if is not complete. step 6: store your detergent in a container that is airtight ( airtight container). Take a look my at my own, very well and learn from it. 

Now you have learnt how to make your detergent at home. Take note practice make perfect.

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