Stop wasting money on pimples cream read this hint to cure it


First thing is acne(pimples) has NO cure.

Viral News Boy :- But it can be well treated and it can be under good control that it wouldn’t make your life miserable.

Also a good number of people simply “outgrow” it. And that makes sense- because hormones goes down as people get older. Simple things to do:

NEVER wash areas of skin with pimples more than twice a day. Over washing can irritate the skin and make pimples worse.


Wash your skin/face with a mild simple toilet soap or a mild facial cleanser and warm water. Very hot or cold water can make acne worse. NEVER squeeze pimples.

As much as you can, try not to. Squeezing pimples makes it worse and causes permanent scars on your face. Don’t do that to yourself

Avoid using too much make-up and cosmetics. And if you have to, use water-based makeup products labelled as non-comedogenic. A comedogenic makeup means the product will not block your skin pores and won’t cause/worsen pimples.

ALWAYS totally remove make-up before going to bed at night. NEVER sleep with makeup on. Never ever.

Stay off fancy creams.

Use a fragrance-free water-based moisturising lotion. If you are really struggling with acne,

Go to a pharmacy and speak with a pharmacist. Or speak with a doctor. There are many creams and gels you can use that will help. They may recommend creams that contain benzoyl peroxide or azelaic acid and tell you to use it for some weeks. Overall, the things to really note is that:

Pimples is mostly NOT forever.

It would most likely go at some point when you are older. Though some older people may have it too.

Pimples has NO cure.

It may stress you out but with good medical advice well-followed, you will be fine.

Can food cause pimples?

Think of this,

When you were younger before puberty hit you, you had many groundnuts, butter and oily foods and you never got pimples- until puberty came.

That should tell you something.

It is puberty and hormones that causes pimples. NOT food. And that’s also why as people get older, most people simply outgrow acne because the hormones drop as we age.

I hope these have taught you something and has opened your eyes about pimples.

Thanks for reading.

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