Stop Throwing Away Water After Washing Rice: See What You Can Do With It


Viral News Boy :- After washing rice before boiling, we usually throw away the water because we thought it is not useful. Do you know that we can actually make use of the water to do different things? 

Today, I will be sharing with us several things we can actually do with rice water.

1. It gives the skin a perfect glow:

Do you know that rice water can be used as a bleaching material. It wouldn’t affect your skin. It will only lighten the skin. 

How to use it:

I) take half cup of rice and put it on a bowl

ii) wash it and throw away the water

III) apply a glass of water and leave it for 30 minute

III) separate the rice from the water using a filter

iv) pour the water on a spraying can

v) spray on skin and leave it for 30 minute before washing off.

Other things rice water can actually do:

* It removes black spots and pimples

* Hydrate the skin

* Hair growth, shine and healthy.

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