Steps You Should Follow When Your Phone Immediately Falls Into The Water



Viral News Boy :- It is a fact that dropping your phone in the water by accident could be a very sad thing and if proper care is not taken it can lead to the end of that phone. The following are the steps you must do immediately if your phone falls into the water:

1. Remove the phone from water.

The earlier you remove the phone from the water the higher chances of saving the phone.

2. Switch the phone off quickly

If your mobile phone does not go off on its own, please switch it off immediately. Remove the phone battery so the whole unit is switched off.

3. Remove the battery

This applies to people who are not using phones with built in batteries.

4. Remove your sim, memory card and any other hardware. After removing all these slots from the handset carefully clean the handset until it’s dry. Clean with a smooth piece of cloth. Papers should not be used because they stuck in the slots.

5. Place the phone in an absorbent position

Raw rice is a strong absorbent, place the phone inside for two days. The rice will effectively absorb any moisture from the phone.

By doing all this your phone will power up.