‘Stay Home; if not, it’ll be at your home’ reads graffiti painted by artist


Hyderabad: To create awareness among people about Coronavirus and the significance of lockdown in containing the spread of COVID-19, Hyderabad-based artist Rajan Kumar on Saturday painted graffiti on the road which read, ‘Stay Home, if not, It’ll be at your home’ accompanied by a pictorial depiction of the virus.

The road graffiti has been painted at Khairtabad signal here with assistance from Hyderabad police, stated the artist.

Speaking to ANI, artist Rajan Kumar, who has been an artist for the last 33 years said, “We had initally planned to do the same last year during lockdown at Jubilee Hills Check Post, here in Hyderabad, but we were denied the permission. But this year with assistance from Hyderabad City Police and Traffic Police, we were able to create awareness among people about the importance of lockdown in fight against Covid through the graffiti. “

He said, “Through this graffiti, we aim to make people aware of the importance of lockdown and we appeal to all the people to follow all the COVID guidelines properly and adhere to the lockdown to control the spread of the virus.”

He mentioned that the graffiti was completed in seven hours by a team of seven artists.

Anjani Kumar, the Hyderabad City Police Commissioner appreciated the work of Rajan Kumar to create awareness among public about lockdown.

“This visuals art is a depiction of Coronavirus talking to people and asking them to stay home, and if they do not do so then the virus will come to people’s homes.”

“The graffiti also conveyed the message on how the police department is working day in and day out in the implementation of the lockdown,” he added.