Sonu Sood Breaks Silence on People Wanting Him to Run For PM: ‘Hum Aam Insaan Ache Hai’


Viral News Boy :- Actor Sonu Sood finally reacted to people wishing to see him running for PM in the next general election. After Vir Das wrote ‘dial Sonu Sood’ when a Twitter user asked him to run for the PM, Rakhi Sawant also endorsed the same idea. However, on Tuesday, while interacting with the paparazzi, Sonu mentioned that he has no interest in politics and he wants to keep helping people like a common man.

The actor was distributing summer drinks to the paparazzi outside his residence when someone asked him to react to the news of people wishing to see him as the PM of the country. Sonu said, “Hum aam insaan ache hai bhai, aam insaan better hai. Bhai log khade hai na humare, kya karenge elections mein khade ho ke? Wo apna kaam nahi hai na (I am doing fine as a common man. My brothers are in politics, what will I get by fighting elections? That’s not my job).”

A section of social media has been rooting for Sonu’s entry into politics. In fact, many people suggested and endorsed the idea of seeing the actor joining politics and helping more people with better authority and an office. The actor has been at the forefront of the relief work during the pandemic and people have invested immense faith in his actions. Your thoughts on ‘Sonu for PM’?