Signs that you are a smart person


Viral News Boy :- In today’s article I would be telling you signs for you know that you are different from an average person. Let me make one thing clear before I precede a smart person is different from an intelligent person. 

1. A research has shown that smart people don’t like to socialize. An average person enjoys being around people and they always enjoy it but a smart person feels uncomfortable the more time they spend with people. Also on social media a smart person usually have 0 friend request on face book and 1-3 unread messages while an average person can have up to 40 friend request on face book and 20 above unread messages.

2.  Smart people don’t take decisions fast. They are for analyzing every possible outcome of every ideas or investment that is given offered to them. They always look mostly at the negative aspect of ideas and this usually makes them to not respond. 

3. Smart people are open minded people. Most people that are smart are known to share ideas that they have with certain people.

4. Smart people are well known for always been alone. This does not necessary mean that they are lonely, they just like privacy. When they are alone their thinking capacity is at it max and they don’t like to be disturbed. They like to work alone.

5. Smart people are constantly under pressure. They always take responsibility for every that happens wherever they are these include family affairs, projects.etc.

If you have the above mentioned signs, congratulations you are a smart person. Comment if you have issues connecting with an average person.

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