Several Fun Ways To Stay Hydrated



Viral News Boy :- Water is needed to survive, needed for our health and development as well but we are so consumed throughout the day that even the simple thought of keeping ourselves hydrated does not cross our mind. If you are forgetting to drink water for any reasons, you can always help your system into staying hydrated.

A body cannot function without water for long. And some of us have the habit of forgetting to drink water, so consumed are we by our daily schedules. If you belong to the forgetful lot, here are some ways to help your body into drinking water.

Eat spicy food.

Yes, this is the first solution to every water problem. Spicy food gives your tongue and body just the right amount of kick, for you to reach out and grab a bottle of water. it at least ensures that you drink water that you otherwise may have forgotten to.


Eat fruits with high water content.

If you are forgetting to drink water, eat fruits. There are many fruits that have a high water percentage: cucumber, lettuce, celery, watermelon, tomatoes, spinach etc. So, even if you are not drinking water adequately, by eating these foods, you will be doing your body a big favour. However, this may only provide you some temporary relief.


Have flavoured water.

Make your water sweet by adding interesting flavours. This will make you crave for something different, and you will stay hydrated in the process. Some tasty options include lemons, berries, mint, watermelon, etc.

Get a water bottle.

Invest in a bottle that makes you want to look forward to sipping water. It may sound juvenile, but your love for the water bottle may translate into a love for the replenishing liquid. Using a bottle that speaks to you may make you happily drink water. Find one that serves your taste.