See how i become a programmer in 3 month without spending more than 50K


Hello friends

in today’s article, I’m going to explain what is programming and how a programmer works. The easy and best programming language that is friendly with beginners. Some of you say I can’t be a programmer, it’s very stressful to learn to code. No, coding is all about learning for 1 hour and practicing for 2 to 3 hours. If you can do this there is nothing you can’t learn in coding.

Let me start by telling you the best friendly language for beginners

1. Python: Python is very easy to learn, it is the most friendly language for beginners. To show you how easy is a python to learn. Many people today all started with Python, let me tell you how I learned my coding skills without spending not up to 50K. Must of you say I don’t have the money to start up my coding/programming career.

5 ways you can learn your coding skills

1. YouTube causes: there are many YouTube video causes, teaching on how you can become a programmer in different programming languages. engines: such as Google, Wikipedia, etc. Those are some of the search engines, you can have some Little experience on how to code.

3. Downloading of programming ebooks on your Android phone, iPhone, and PC.