Scammers can transfer your money without your ATM Card, find out how



Viral News Boy :- Internet fraudsters have come up with new techniques that they use in defrauding people without having access to their physical ATM cards.

Fake websites

A lot of people these days now prefer to buy goods and products online with their ATM cards. These fraudsters are aware of this, so they create fake sites & Instagram handles where products are arbitrarily publicised at cheap rates to pull in their victims. Try not to fall prey to them, do not uncover your bank details if the site isn’t trusted.

Fake messages

Sometimes when you turn on your phone you will get a message, congratulating you on how you just won a gift or prize, at that point you will be asked to guarantee it and coordinated to transfer your individual and bank details for delivery. Try not to fall a victim of this. When you do so, your account is in danger. Regardless of whether your account is vacant right now, they would still continue to screen it.

Do you know somebody that has been a victim of internet fraud previously? kindly share to your friends so as to create awareness.