Revealed: Why your phone “hangs” a lot and easy ways to fix it.


The Why.

Hi, most of us have at one point or the other owned a phone that started to freeze/hang a lot. This is usually due to to lack of storage space to store data. Sometimes the phone in question does not have a high RAM. It may be a 1GB RAM phone. A small RAM is typically overwhelmed easily when compared to bigger RAMs.

Meaning Of RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The RAM is the memory responsible for temporarily storing running apps data.

That is, it is the memory where the software resides while it is running along with the data it is using. Your opera news app for instance has it’s data stored in the phone’s RAM. RAM is used by both the OS and application software.

How the RAM works

Android phones are equipped with a well-defined memory management system. This is built in such a way that more RAM is used to provide user-friendly experience.

Once you download and install an application, it will be installed on your permanent storage device (internal or external SD card). If you execute the same task, it’s moved to RAM. (All processes of running apps are performed on RAM). But if you close the particular app for a while, the Android won’t delete it from memory ( i.e. RAM) so you can access it quicker at any time you want.

Ways to rectify the freezing problem.

1.You can rectify the problem by:

a. Deleting unnecessary media files from your internal storage. b. Removing apps you don’t use anymore.

c. Avoid using multiple apps that basically perform the same function as the other. For instance having both Xplayer and Mx player on the same phone can use up space. Especially when the apps have the same function.

d. Deleting app cache and data through phone settings whenever possible.

e. Freezing apps through your App Freezer utility app.


f. Delete the files on your phone that have been backed up in the cloud.


g. Use the Smart storage option. Note that this is only available on android 7+.

Oreo provides a new toggle called Smart Storage that can work well without having to do anything. Flip it on, and your camera will immediately remove the largest space consuming photographs and videos.


h. Use Google Drive cloud services to backup your files in the cloud.