Reasons You Are Eating Fruits The Wrong Way


Viral News Boy :- Fruits are among the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. They are gifts of nature. They should be part of our daily life. However, majority of people eat fruits in the wrong way which limits the amount of nutrients it could give and attracts some digestive problems. When fruits are not taken as it should, the amazing benefits which are supposed to be gotten out of them will be lacking.

The funny part of the whole thing is that, majority of fruit lovers who understand the benefits it offers, consume them whenever and however they feel like because they believe they are healthy without considering the appropriate time to consume them. 

The purpose of this article is to give clear idea to when and how to consume fruits as to derive maximum benefit out of them and to avoid some health issue that may come up when consumed wrongly.

Here are Reasons you are eating fruits the wrong way;

. Eating Fruits immediately After meal – majority of people love eating fruits after meal. By doing this, you are actually messing up your digestive system. Fruits digest much faster. The moment it comes in contact with the food, the entire mass of food begins to spoil and start fermenting right inside your stomach leading to stomach upset. Fruits are better eaten before meal. 

. Cutting and Storing Fruits- Eating Fruits after long cutting them takes away most of its nutritional values. Some people are fond of cutting their fruit a night before and then store them in the refrigerator which is very wrong. Fruits should be totally consumed within 20 minutes after cutting them to avoid lost of it’s potency when stored.

. Not Eating Local Fruits- Majority of fruit lovers are into exotic fruit instead of local fruits. They have abandoned Local Fruits to imported fruits which are full of preservatives. Local and seasonal fruits are the best and their absorption are much higher than that of exotic fruits. Stick to fruits like Banana, Oranges, Pawpaw, Pears, Mango, Pineapple etc. Whatever fruit is in the season, just eat it, it is best for you. 

. Drinking Fresh Juices – Drinking fresh juice is good but eating the whole fruit is better to avoid missing out on some very crucial content of the fruit known as Dietary fiber. The fiber is very important for smooth bowel movement, digestion and promotion of fat loss. 


Fruits should be eaten especially in the morning and in an empty stomach. Eating Fruits in an empty stomach plays a major role in detoxification and enables the nutrients from the fruit to get properly absorbed.

It is also advisable to consume fruits about two hours after meal to get maximum benefits.

Endeavor to eat your fruits the right way to enjoy all the benefits from them and to avoid some health issues.