Reasons why you need a smartwatch.


Viral News Boy :- So many times I’ve heard people say smartwatches are waste of money, unfortunately, those who say this don’t understand just what a smartwatch is capable of doing.

Below I’ll be telling you the 5 BIG benefits of a smartwatch, hopefully, it might change your view about smartwatches.


1) NOTIFICATIONS AT A GLANCE: With the current incarnation of apples WatchOs and Samsung’s Tizen software offers seamless access to virtually any notification that would normally appear on your phone. It’s difficult to overstate the convenience of not only to read notification at the flick of your wrist but having the ability to reply texts and WhatsApp messages instantly without the need to pull out your phone.

2) FITNESS TRACKING: The smartwatch manufacturers have taken these basic health features a step further with the inbuilt electrocardiogram (ECG) capability. The ECG app can detect cardiac problems by monitoring for irregular heartbeat rhythm which can save one’s life if detected on time.

3) EASY CONTROL: By giving you near-instant access to something you’d normally have to reach your phone to do, a smartwatch makes media control much faster, this doesn’t end here, top brands like Samsung’s “Smart Things” and Apple’s “HOME” app makes it easier than ever to control your lights, thermostats and TVs all from your wrist, now how’s that for a smart home.

4) CUSTOMIZABILITY: Like regular watches, smartwatches come with a wide range of easily swappable bands, from custom backgrounds options to hundred of choices in details and complications there is little about a smartwatch home screen that can’t be tailored to your liking.

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