Pubic Lice Can Cause Itching And Discomfort, Avoid It By Following These Tips


Viral News Boy :- Itch in the pubic area can be caused by several factors, at times it can be caused by infections or allergies. It can also be caused by us when we hardly change our underwear or go on with one underwear for weeks without washing it, at times it can be caused by heat especially if you’re used to extra tight underwear.

However, one of the common causes of itch and skin infection in the pubic area is a tiny insect known as pubic lice or public crab.

What are public lice


Pubic Lice (Crab)

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Public lice are tiny wingless insects that live on the skin and feed on human blood. The pubic lice got claws like that of a crab which gave it the name ‘pubic crab’. They use their claws to hang on to human hairs and they also use it to pinch the skin. Just like lice which live in unkempt hair, these crabs live on the hairy parts of the skin such as beards, eyebrows, mustaches, armpits, and pubic hair. Due to their tiny size, people do find it very difficult to see them and they can live in the pubic area without being noticed.

How do I know when I have pubic lice

According to studies, symptoms of pubic lice on the skin don’t come up so early. You can live with pubic lice in the skin for up to five days without knowing about it but symptoms like itching on the privates and allergic reactions such as redness or swelling of the skin can be caused by pubic lice.

How can I avoid it

• Avoid lovemaking with different persons

According to research, pubic lice can be transmitted from one person to another. Public lice are considered STI because they can be transmitted by lovemaking. People who make love with many partners stand more chances of having pubic lice because it can be easily be transmitted from one person to another during lovemaking. This is the most common way pubic lice can be transmitted so it should be taken seriously.

If you have pubic lice, avoid lovemaking until it’s treated else you may transmit it to others. Pubic lice can also be transmitted by close body contact such as hugging.

• Always wash your bedsheets


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People who don’t wash their sheets stand more chances of having pubic lice. According to an article by center for young women’s health, pubic lice can stay up to 24 hours outside the human skin. If an infected person gets on your bed then you are at risk of having it if you don’t wash your bedsheets.

• Avoid sharing your bed sheets, towels, and clothing

Sharing your underwear, towels, bed sheets or clothing can also increase your chances of having pubic lice because you may not know if the person you’re sharing them with is a carrier of pubic lice.

If you notice symptoms of pubic lice like a constant itch in the public area then see a doctor so you can be given the perfect lotion, antibiotics, or treatment steps to follow.


It’s not advisable to constantly scratch an itchy area because you may risk having a skin infection.