Polite Way Of Telling A Person He Has A Bad Breath Without Hurting His Feelings


Viral News Boy :- Indeed having a bad breath is a very serious problem most especially when interacting with people.

Almost everyone experiences bad breath once in a while. But for some people, bad breath is a daily problem. Some people may not be aware of their bad breath and only learn from their friends or close ones

So here are some inoffensive ways to tell a person his breath smells bad;

pretend that you have a bad breath; you can pretend that you have a bad breath or come up with an issue that will make them a little bit guilty about their. For example you can say let me rush to the restroom and brush my teeth I feel like my breath is terrible

Offer the person a remedy; you can offer a chewing gum or something that will reduce the offensive odor to the person

Talk to the person in private; when you’re about to tell the person you should try as much as possible to talk to him privately and make sure he is in the right mood

Let them know politely; while telling the person directly you should try as much as possible to be polite and avoid words that will let him down or feel disrespected, and avoid unnecessary comparisons like ”your breath stinks like a dead rat”. But rather you should use nice words that will deliver the message but in a polite way. For example; Sorry to say but I noticed that you’re not aware that your breath smells a little off

Recommend a cure to their problems; after telling the person you should try and recommend a remedy that will solve their problem and show them that you’re are of help to them. You might recommend a toothpaste that helped you or helped someone overcome the same issue.

With these tips I believe you can tell your friends or relatives if their breath stinks without hurting their feelings

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