Paintings on roads to create awareness on COVID-19


Hyderabad: In order to create awareness about COVID-19 among the public, the Hyderabad Traffic Police has come up with a unique idea of its own.

A picture of coronavirus has been drawn at Moazamjahi Market, Nampally. It has been drawn to create awareness among the public to not come out of home unnecessarily.

According to the Hyderabad Traffic Police which has come up the idea of COVID-19 paintings has advised the public to minimize their outside work and stay at home. They further added that they should act as responsible citizens and obey the government orders.

A similar painting was also drawn on the busy Khairatabad junction.

Hyderabad City Police is coming out with different ideas to create awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic among the public. Earlier, the Hyderabad City Police had sported coronavirus helmets too.