Over 8,000 take Covid vaccine in Telangana on 2nd day


Hyderabad, March 2 : A total of 8,523 people who are 60 years or above, and those with comorbidities in the 45-59 years age group took Covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday, the second day of the vaccination for the two priority groups.

The health authorities conducted the vaccination at 135 centres, up from 93 on the first day.

Director of Public Health and Family Welfare G Srinivasa Rao said out of 4,764 beneficiaries who were targeted to be vaccinated at 63 government-run facilities, 3,528 (74 per cent) took the vaccine.

Out of 5,339 beneficiaries who were planned to be vaccinated at 72 private hospitals, 4,995 (94 per cent) received the vaccines

With this, the number of people in the two categories vaccinated in two days rose to 13,081.

The state health department on the first day administered the vaccine to 4,558 people from the two categories at 93 government and private health facilities.

For the second day, the media bulletin issued by the health department had no mention of Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI) cases.

He said along with the vaccination for the two groups, Health Care Workers (HCWs) and Front Line Workers (FLWs) were also vaccinated.

A total of 484 HCWs took first dose and 1,923 second dose. Similarly 125 FLWs were given first dose.

The state has so far vaccinated 3,01,008 people for first dose and 1,49,623 beneficiaries for second dose.

These includes 1,98,628 HCWs (first dose), 1,49,623 HCWs (second dose), 97,822 FLWs (first dose) and 16 FLWs (second dose)

If the number of elderly and persons with comorbidities who received the jab included, the state has so far vaccinated 4,59,170 people.

The director of public health said all the priority groups will be vaccinated across the state in designated government/private vaccination centres by online registration or on the spot registration.

The department plans to increase the number of vaccination centres to over 1,000 in one week.