OPINION: The Size of the banana doesn’t matter


Viral News Boy :- Many men are so obsessed with their small banana, and that got them depressed because they tend to think that the love of their life will leave them; since they believe they don’t sanctify them. According to the reports, out of all countries, South African men have the smallest bananas. 

According to Dr. Zweli, a man who has a small banana is always depressed, and thinking about how he can enlarge his banana. It is no secret that many enlargement products have deadly and dangerous side effects, but it is no secret that some of them work miracles. 

According to Doctor Mbheki, the size of the banana really doesn’t matter, what matters is how you feed your partner and ensuring that you feed her more often. With that being said don’t be depressed if you have a small banana because those who truly love you will never leave you because of your small banana.