OPINION – Don’t Allow Your Daughter To Wear These 6 Clothes When Going Out



Viral News Boy :- It is our responsibility as parents to prevent our children from wearing certain items in public since they will draw the attention of unscrupulous businessmen.

As said above, indecent attire is a contributing cause to rape in our culture. When a lady dresses indecently and exposes her body outside, she might attract the attention of males who would then force themselves into sleeping with her.

This generation of teens has a weak brain that may be readily controlled by peer groups; if you are unable to maintain control over them, their peer groups will.

It is another way of saying that a girl kid has not received good home teaching, since if she has received proper moral instruction, I see no reason why she would display her body in public places.

Some clothes should be checked before they are worn out, and if you notice your teenage daughter dressing inappropriately, you should call her and counsel her so that she does not develop a bad habit. Today, I will show you some indecent clothes or dresses that your daughter should not wear in public, so let’s get started.

1 . Mini skirt


Because a mini skirt is a very sensual type of garment that may reveal a woman’s lap and thighs, it is improper for any good woman of proper upbringing to wear one.

In addition, while they are attempting to sit down in a public area, they will never be able to do so comfortably because if they do so, the pant will be revealed. Is this the sort of skirt you would like your teenage girl to wear?

2 . Transparent skirt/trouser


I notice certain girls that wear this sort of clothing, and occasionally when you look closer, you can see the colour of the pants that they are wearing. Wearing a transparent skirt or trouser also means that you are exposing your body to the public’s eye.

Don’t let her wear a skirt like that again.

3 . Crazy Jeans.


Any lady who has had adequate home training will be unable to pull off these crazy pants, if you are familiar with them.

These jeans have a rip in the lap area, allowing the thigh to be seen to everyone on the street outside.

Allowing your girl kid to wear this sort of clothing is not recommended.

4 . Crop-top


Crop tops are another form of garment that exposes the stomach from the outside. Why would a lady wear a dress and then have her stomach area exposed to the entire world? What is she saying or demonstrating to the public?

It is important that you keep an eye out for the sorts of outfits that your daughter is wearing.

5 . Bum-shortG


6 . Off shoulder Dress


Basically, every adolescent who wears an off-shoulder dress runs the risk of having their dress pulled down by a minor error, and they will also run the risk of having their dress fly up and expose their body when they bend down to carry anything.