Opinion: Do You Bath on Daily Basis? Here’s Why You Should Stop


Viral News Boy :- A morning shower is a good way to start your day. It helps in refreshing up your body translating into a productive day. An additional evening shower could also be a good way to end your day and get that promising sleep. Regular showers could however do you more harm than good.


Bathing or showering daily can alter your body’s immune system. According medical experts, your body’s immune system requires a certain stimulation from dirt and the surrounding. It has been identified that dirt helps in boosting your immune memory giving your body the ability to remember diseases for proper elimination.

Daily baths and showers could also cause damages on the skin. According to dermatologists, scrubbing the skin regularly can break your skin. Bacteria and other disease causing microorganisms can have their entry through the breakages leading to serious infections. In addition, most bathing soaps contain chemicals which when used frequently can react with your skin.

It is therefore recommend to bath atleast three times in a week, unless you work in a highly active field such as in the gym. By so doing, you’ll give your skin ample time to regenerate and lower the risks of skin infections. After all, you are also saving on water bills.