Oman Sultan issues directives to offer 32,000 jobs opportunities


Muscat: The Kingdom of Oman’s majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik on Tuesday has directed the country’s government to quickly implement operational initiatives by employing 32,000 job opportunities during this year, the Oman news agency reported.

The move is continuous efforts made by the concerned authorities to employ Omani youth in public and private sector institutions.

A new set of operational initiatives, as part of the government’s interest in providing job opportunities for job seekers whose services are terminated in light of the current stage conditions related to the repercussions of global economic conditions, in addition to the effects of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a release said.

At the forefront of the plan is the employment of more than 32,000 job opportunities during this year, including 12,000 job opportunities in the government, civil and military sectors, according to the actual needs of different parties.

According to the directives issued by the Sultan, providing a total of 2,000 job opportunities in the government sector under the temporary contract system, according to the actual needs of government institutions in the country.

Providing a total of one million hours for part-time work in government institutions in the various governorates of the Sultanate.

The Sultan’s directives also announced government subsidies for new employees entering the workforce for the first time.

“Supporting the wages of Omani new entrants to the labor market in the private sector by an amount of two hundred Omani Rials, provided that the employer bears the agreed salary difference for  fifteen thousand job opportunities for a period of two years,”

The ministry of labor will announce the necessary controls and operational mechanisms for the new directives in June.

Rare protests in Oman have erupted from the last three days against the job layoff and the poor economic conditions across the country.

In a video shared online, dozens of Omani protesters can be seen fleeing as tear gas canisters fall around them on the streets near the labour ministry on Monday.