National level online youth convention against unemployment organised by AIDYO


Today, an online national-level youth convention was organized by All India Democratic Youth Organization (AIDYO), All India Committee against raising unemployment in all sectors. More than 5000 youths from all over the country took part in this online convention.

Inaugurating the convention, Former Advocate general of Madhya Pradesh Sri Anand Mohan Mathur said, employment is a fundamental right. In the regime of present government since last 7 years unemployment has risen alarmingly. India recorded highest unemployment rate in last 45 years in 2017-18. Now, during this pandemic, Crores of people have lost their jobs. Large number of people and children died due to hunger and lack of health facilities. Large numbers of factories are shut down. Including Indian Railways, jobs are cut in all sectors. Governments are filling up vacancies only on contract basis. Many countries have made employment as fundamental right. Here also we should demand our government to make employment a fundamental right. For this you should unite and raise voice against unemployment.

The All India President of AIDYO Ramanjanappa Aldalli speaking on the occasion as a main speaker said, post-independence, the youths of the country have faced unemployment during regimes of all governments. In every election unemployment issue comes into forefront. But once occupying the seat of power, the very same policies that eliminate jobs are pursued by all parties. Before globalization, brought by the Congress party in the 90s of last century, at least a large number of public sector undertakings (PSUs) existed and that they created lakhs of jobs. Now they are privatized at will and jobs have dwindled. In railways, banking sector, LIC and in various government departments large number vacant posts exist and but, recruitment is done regularly. Now the governments are curtailing and abolishing jobs.  

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If a government is really concerned about youths, it can create large number of jobs and provide employment to youths. For that to happen, the government will have to stall the neo liberal policies that curtail and eliminate jobs and instead of that take upon itself, the real task of providing to the last man in the society the ‘Universal Basic Needs’ like health, food,, education, housing etc., that in turn would create crores of jobs. What we want today is Comprehensive Employment Policy from every state governments as well as Central Government. We should urge the Governments to provide jobs and for that make budgetary allocation. He called upon youths of this country to get united by taking inspiration from revolutionaries of Indian freedom movement and fight against unemployment acquiring higher values, culture and ideology.

Presiding over the convention, All India General Secretary of AIDYO, Pratibha Nayak called upon youths to strengthen unemployed youth struggle committee formed and to fight against unemployment. AIDYO Vice-President Zubair Rabbani delivered introductory speech. Shashikumar, VP proposed the Main Resolution and another VP Vishwajit Harode seconded it.

The convention, expressed condolence to those who died due to Corona pandemic. Resolution in solidarity with fighting farmers of the country and peasants movement in Delhi was placed in the convention. Main resolution demanding comprehensive Employment Policy and resolutions demanding employment in health, education, gig economy sector (Delivery partners), unorganized sector, and against privatization of PSUs were placed and delegates from all over the country participated actively in the convention.

Unemployed Youths’ Struggle Committee formed in the convention with M Umadevi as President (Karnataka) and Vice-presidents Niranjan Naskar(WB), Bijay Mullick(Odisha), E.V.Prakash(Kerala) and Sharanappa Udbal(Karnataka) and Amarajit Kumar(Delhi) as Secretary. Convention declared to observe August 9th, as All India Demands’ Day urging governments across the country to complete all the stalled or delayed on-going recruitment processes immediately and to take immediate measures to fill up vacant posts in various departments.