Men: You May Not Be Able to Have Children, If You Do These 3 Things Excessively


Viral News Boy :- Are you aware that there are some factors that might naturally limit a man’s ability to reproduce? Do you know what they are? Whatever your genetic makeup, if you as a male begin to engage in certain behaviours on a regular basis, the outcome will be infertility or difficulties having children, regardless of your genetic makeup.


The purpose of this article is to discuss various activities that should not be done in excess if you and your spouse have intentions to start a family together. This article is intended mostly for married males, as well as for women who may be facing difficulties in having children but are unsure of the source of the problem.

View the video below to learn about the three (3) things that men should avoid doing in excess.

1. Smoking Cigarettes


If you are married and are having difficulty getting your wife pregnant, I strongly advise you to stop smoking immediately.. According to studies, excessive smoking has been linked to decreased sperm counts, and if you are serious about having children, you should quit smoking completely.

2. Drinking Alcohol.


Another behaviour that is quite widespread among males is the practise of snorting alcohol. When a guy drinks excessively, his sperm count decreases. If you are having difficulty getting your wife to conceive but are still drinking heavily, I recommend that you stop drinking completely for a few months and see if anything changes. In my opinion, no amount of copulation will be able to assist you conceive if you have rendered your physical body incapable of reproducing.

3. Constantly Overheating Your Testicles.


I understand that you might be wondering what I mean when I say that your testicles are overheating, so allow me to explain more thoroughly. Assuming you work at a cyber café and that your whole day is spent in front of a computer working on something other than your own work, and that the computer you use for work is sitting on your laps, then you are very certainly overheating your testicles. Many people overlook this, but it has a negative impact on the testicles since the heat emitted by the system will cause the testicles to get heated, which is not something they should be experiencing.