Men, Here Are 3 Unhealthy Habits That Can Prevent Fertility



Viral News Boy :- Do you know that there are certain habits that are considered very unsafe for a man planning to have children? If you are a married man and don’t want to have issues with getting your wife pregnant, then you must take every information pertaining to the topic very seriously.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the unhealthy habits that can stop a man from having children. The reproductive system was designed in such a way that any abuse or poor handling can really cause problems for someone planning to have children. As we all know, for reproduction to be conclusive and successful, the man needs to be effectively involved same way the woman should be.

If a man, either by Lifestyle factor or hereditary factors can’t effectively represent, the whole reproduction fails. Without wasting much of your time, let’s digress to the main point of writing this piece.


1. Excess Alcohol Intake; heavy alcohol consumption is never a good idea both for a man and a woman. If you are in the perfect age of reproduction and married, then it is highly advisable to cut down on alcohol consumption. This is to increase your chances of having children with your wife. Excess Alcohol in the body is very dangerous and directly reduces the semen quality of any man constantly abusing it.


2. Excess Smoking of Cigarettes; this is dangerous to the body judging from all perspectives. Smoking of Cigarettes increases your chances of suffering from organ damage, failure and even increases your chances of not fathering a child. Most inability to father or impregnate a woman is linked to excess use of cigarettes, alcohol and many other drugs. This is because, Cigarettes not only reduces your semen quality, it also reduces your health status and for someone to effectively impregnate a woman, such a man must be very healthy. Smoking literally drains life out of anyone and this is a no-no for someone planning to have a child.


3. Directly Placing a Laptop Or Computer on Your Laps; now this is one Lifestyle habit that is very dangerous. Sometimes, people are even advised not to put their phones in the pocket. This is because, most technological devices like PC, phones and what have you all emit rays that are sometimes very dangerous. The testicles are very fragile makeup of a man’s body and as such, doesn’t effectively work when heated for any reason. Placing a working laptop on your laps is synonymous to frying your testicles, this reducing the quality and motility of your sperm cells.

All these are dangerous habits that can destroy or even stop you from having children. Stop them now! Thanks, share for more awareness.