Man shoots self to implicate neighbours


New Delhi, March 5 : A civil defence volunteer shot himself with a country-made pistol to implicate his neighbours with whom he had a fight few days ago in south Delhi’s Neb Sarai, the police said on Thursday. He has been admitted to the hospital and would be arrested once discharged.

The police got suspicious when on March 3, Sujeet Kumar made a PCR call and reported he had been shot by bike borne men but the eye witnesses at the so called spot didn’t notice any firing incident or sound. No blood could be discovered or found at the spot.

His wife Anshu was also an accomplice in the act and played a role misleading the police.

She locked the house and left without informing anyone, did not join enquiry and was not receiving phone calls from the police. A CCTV footage of the area collected showing the only a motorcycle entering the area at the time of incident was not identified by the victim.

On examination, the boys residing in the neighbourhood with whom Sujeet claimed to have a fight some days ago disclosed that the victim Sujeet was carrying a pistol in the morning and had shown the same to them.

He then took it inside his house and after a few minutes, Sujeet and his wife Anshu came out of the room with Sujeet having been injured with bullet injury.

They offered him help but he denied the same and instead made a call to the police. They also saw his wife Anshu taking the pistol with her hidden in a piece of cloth and leaving the house locked.

“So search was made for Anshu, the victim’s wife. She was finally traced at a distant relative’s home nearby in the same colony. As she was interrogated at length, she disclosed that her husband had accidentally fired upon himself from the pistol that he had acquired from some friend. The weapon has been recovered,” said Atul Thakur, DCP South.

Anshu has been arrested and Sujeet would be arrested after he is discharged from the hospital where he is undergoing treatment for the bullet injury on his knee.