Mahhi Vij enjoying the stint as mother blogger


Mumbai, March 3 : Actress Mahhi Vij became a mother to a daughter, Tara, in 2019, and ever since her life has been full of roller coaster rides. The actress, who has also adopted two kids, is married to actor Jay Bhanushali and blogs about her journey as a mother.

“I don’t know if I am a successful blogger or not but I keep trying. Now that I have a YouTube channel, I try to put across a lot of things for young mothers. I have had first hand experience on motherhood and I have really enjoyed it and have also made mistakes,” Mahhi told IANS.

She adds: “I have done things for my baby which are right and wrong but at the same time learnt so many things from my mistakes. As a blogger it helps other moms because they can relate to your journey.”

The actress has also become one of the most commercially successful mother bloggers, getting as many as five brand endorsements including baby and mom care products, clothing, toys, and early learning brands.

Through her social media communication, the actress shares snippets of her life with daughter Tara and husband Jay.