Love Horoscope: How will the month of May be for a lover couple with Taurus zodiac sign, know


Viral News Boy :- You’re the creme de la cosmos for the first week of May as love planet Venus wraps up a three-week visit to Taurus that began on April 14. If you’ve been feeling amorous and attractive, you can thank your ruling planet for that.

With Venus activating your first house of visibility, spruce up your appearance with a few new accessories and items. If you’re single and actively seeking, touch up your dating profile. Make sure it exudes the confidence and charisma you want to project.
On Thursday, May 6, Venus gets passionately pinged by Pluto in your adventurous ninth house, a beautiful moment to explore a connection with someone different from your usual type, perhaps even a long-distance spark. For couples, doing something outside your usual playbook (whether inside the bedroom or out in the world) can turn up the heat and also strengthen mutual trust.
Watch out for stubbornness over the weekend. The May 8 Venus-Jupiter square could find you torn between your personal desires and long-term relationship goals.

Mars sparks dialogue in Cancer all month

Say it with passion—AND compassion! Lusty Mars spends all month in caring Cancer, blazing through your third house of communication and ideas. Mars is here from April 23 to June 11, prompting you to open up about your feelings and assert yourself.
If you’re the type of Bull who doesn’t need any extra help in the “speaking up” department, then make a special effort to be sensitive when you voice your opinions or approach a new person. You could come on too strong and risk dominating the conversation. A touch of Taurus will go far now!
Sparks could fly with a friend or someone you meet locally, and with Mars in this multimedia-savvy zone, you might get lucky on the dating apps. Mutual friends can also play matchmaker or, if you’re partnered, plans with your shared squad can bring you closer. When Mars makes a golden trine to enchanting Neptune on May 31, co-hosting an event or attending a (safe) gathering could lead you to a kindred spirit. Dress up in your most ethereal and stylish look—have fun basking in beauty!

Stability is sexy with Venus in Gemini from May 8 to June 2

Your playful energy starts to turn serious after May 8, when Venus shifts into Gemini and your second house of security. For the rest of the month, coupled Bulls should focus on enjoying those sweet little moments with your partner or love interest rather than looking for fireworks and breathtaking thrills.
The Venus-Saturn trine on May 19 could bring a person with common goals and values into your orbit or spark talks about the future. Enjoy those over a lovely dinner or at a beautiful outdoor spot. On May 27, a Venus-Neptune square could bring a troublesome friend into the picture or an enticing yet slippery attraction to a person who’s not being 100 percent upfront.
Single and open to meeting someone? During this Venus cycle, take inventory of your habits and practices. Is there actually room in your schedule—and your life—for another person to make a meaningful contribution or play a co-starring role? Your comfort zone could also be preventing you from taking the risks or making the changes that signal to someone, “I have space in my life for a romantic partnership with you!” Do an honest assessment of how you spend your days and make tweaks as needed.