Learn how to code offline with this app.


Viral News Boy :- Today I will show you how to learn coding offline with an app. The app is free to use and you can easy download it from Google play store. And the name of this app is: Grasshopper: Learn to code for free 

Grasshopper currently teaches using the popular programming language JavaScript, used by more than 70% of professional developers. Grasshopper uses JavaScript to teach fundamental programming concepts that are universal to almost all programming languages.

You can use grasshopper to learn any type of coding language. Coding language like:

1. Java

2. Python

3. JavaScript

1. Java: is one of the original coding languages and it’s still quite popular in mainstream web coding, according to Latimer. Java is used to develop many of the apps we use on a daily basis. Many websites won’t even work properly without Java apps!

Why beginners will love it: Java is the go-to language for newbies who are looking to thoroughly understand coding before delving deeper into more complex languages. For any serious coder who wants to understand the basics of their craft, Java allows them to get into the nitty gritty. To understand Java is to understand programming at a fundamental level.

What you can do with it: “Java is essential to developing Android apps,” Latimer explains. Mastering Java can open up doors to a range of job positions, from app developer to software engineer. Java was a skill included in more than 630,000 job postings from the past year, showing just how universal it is.

2. Python is a general use programming language known for its readability and straightforward coding philosophy. Python is widely used in the programming world to perform common tasks, such as such as setting up web servers or connecting to a database.

Why beginners will love it: Python’s popularity makes it a smart choice for aspiring web developers. The language itself rejects complexity and is simple to learn. “Python has long been recognized as a good first programming language, so there are many resources available for beginners.

What you can do with it: A beginner with Python experience would be eligible for opportunities as a back end developer, writing the server code that makes websites tick, You can also use Python for tasks like image processing, machine learning or encryption. Nearly 270,000 job postings were seeking candidates with a proficiency in Python over the past year.

3. JavaScript is a dynamos programming language used most often with Internet browsers. if HTML is the content and CSS is the appearance, then JavaScript is the interactivity on a web page, JavaScript is also used in game development, PDFs and both mobile and desktop apps.

Why beginners will love it: JavaScript offers a solid introduction to common programming elements, such as objects, data structures and logic structures. There are also plenty of free or low-cost online resources to get you started learning JavaScript.

What you can do with it: Programmers who know JavaScript could find themselves in positions such as web application developer, front-end developer or JavaScript engineer. Learning JavaScript opens up a career path that can really take you places, In fact, JavaScript was a required skill in nearly 470,000 job postings from the past year.

Above listed are types of programming languages you can learn.

You have to download the app from Google play store, just search for it and download or just tap on this link Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free once you have downloaded it launch the app. It will show this upon opening the app.


Then you login with your google account or skip if you don’t want, if you don’t login with your google account your progress won’t be saved.

And then your coding language learning journey begins. Follow the instruction and you will see begin to learn how to code.

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