Ladies: We have Using The Sanitary Towels Wrong Way, Here’s Why



Viral News Boy :- Every female who reaches puberty is sure to have their durations. At a sure age, a girl’s frame desires to put together for replica which is why menstruation must occur. Bleeding for numerous days may be quite complicated. Some women have heavier flows than others, they frequently tend to accidentally stain their apparel after they ensure moves. Most of the time, leakage is caused by the wrong placement of the sanitary pad on the female’s undies.

Women: You Have Been Using The Sanitary Napkins Wrong For Your Entire Life! Here’s Why!

For the ones of you who don’t recognise, or are wearing their sanitary pads otherwise, here is the right way to put on it:

– Remove and spread the sanitary pad from its packaging.

– Pull down your underclothes simply below the knees.

– Remove the paper strip to reveal the adhesive on the alternative side of the pad.

– Stick the sanitary pad on your underclothes in order that it gained’t move. If your napkin has wings, wrap them round the other side of your underwear for added safety.

– Check whether or not the sanitary pad is within the proper function with the aid of pulling your underwear up and checking if it covers the whole v*ginal starting.

– Change the sanitary pads every two hours if it’s miles full and every 4 hours whilst your length is lighter.

– Wrap your used napkin in scratch paper or lavatory paper then throw it inside the trash can.


If you’re the usage of washable menstrual pads, then the equal strategies observe except you can reuse them.

– After converting it, soak the fabric on warm soapy water. Make certain to put a lid on the box.

– After soaking it, wash it in the washing system the usage of laundry detergent.

– Dry it off and reuse again all through your length.

Do you do those steps as nicely.