Know what people say behind your back using your phone.


Viral News Boy :- Sometimes people claim to be your friends but immediately you turn your back they say evil things about you. The intent of a man’s heart are usually mysterious, and it would surprise you to find out what people actually wish you in their heart.

If there was a way we could find out there would be less heartbreak, trauma, deceit etc. Thank God it’s the digital age now there are many things you can do with your phone now that you couldn’t do back in the day.


Sometimes when you finish talking with people as soon as you walk away they begin to mutter negative comments about you.



Now I am going to teach you a tricky way to know what people say behind your back immediately you leave them.

If you suspect your girlfriend or others talking bad about you behind your back.


Go and visit them, when you get there greet them and act very normal.


After spending time with them tell them you are going.


Go to voice recorder on your phone,



Start recording



Leave your phone in the room or apartment and leave pretending to be on you way. During this period you left they would say all the negative things about you for at least the next 10minutes.


Go back to their house and collect your phone acting like you forgot it with their. Then relax and hear everything they said about you.

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