Is it dangerous to drink beer in summer?




Viral News Boy :- In summer and with the heat, everyone wants to have room on a terrace to have a refreshing drink and hydrate. Normally, the tables are filled with cold beers to help cope better with the heat. But is beer really good in times of such heat? The most prudent thing is to know the risks of drinking alcohol in summer and to know what consequences it can have.



More feeling of warmth

Alcohol is vasodilator,that is, body heat rises to the surface of the skin causing a greater sensation of heat.

Faster dehydration

Alcohol is a diuretic substance that causes the body to remove fluids. “Alcohol causes the kidneys to have to release more water than normal through urine,” explains The New York Institute of Technology’s physician and director of the Sports Health Center, Hallie Zwibel. In addition, in summer with high temperatures and excess heat, the body removes fluids through perspiration and sweating.



In this way, the sum of heat and alcohol consumption can accelerate dehydration because the body loses more fluids than normal (through urine and sweat) and can not lower its body temperature.

Heat stroke

With alcohol and heat, the body cannot regulate its body temperature. Why? Naturally, the body eliminates excess internal heat through sweating, which increases in summer with high temperatures. However, the diuretic effect of alcohol causes the body to release more fluids than it absorbs and not have enough fluids to start the perspiration process to cool the body, which causes the body temperature to continue to rise and can result in heat stroke.