Implement lockdown strictly,seize vehicles found on road after 10am: DGP


Hyderabad: Director General of Police Telangana M Mahender Reddy on Wednesday instructed the all the police officials of Telangana police to implement the lockdown in a strict manner. He further told officials that to seize the vehicles of those persons who are found on road after 10am.

DGP today held a video conferencing with all the Commissioners of Police, range IGs and district SPs. During the conference Mahender Reddy expressed his dissatisfaction over the implementation of lockdown in GHMC limits especially in Hyderabad.

The main reason for this is that the police department is issuing passes indiscriminately, with people coming onto the roads as usual. The government has expressed dissatisfaction that the police department has failed to implement the lockdown in Telangana. The DGP immediately convened a meeting and issued key directives to the Zonal IGs, DIGs, Commissioners and SPs. Authorities were ordered to enforce the lockdown more strictly until the 30th of this month.

He said the current lockdown should be enforced more strictly so as not to extend the lockdown again after May 30. Despite the lockdown relaxation from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. After 10 a.m., there will be large-scale traffic on the streets and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent this. Though there is a four hour long relaxation given to the public for the buying essentials but the public are taking it in a lenient manner and coming out of their houses after 8am and staying on roads for a longer time

He said measures should be taken to decentralize the respective markets in coordination with the marketing, municipal and concerned departments to reduce the population capacity of the fish markets and vegetable markets where corona has the potential to spread. He said if unauthorized vehicles roam after 10 a.m., they should be temporarily seized immediately. Not only the lockdown should be enforced on the main roads but also on the colonies and internal roads. It was suggested that cases be filed if the lockdown regulations were violated.

He said all patrolling vehicles should sound the siren and move around by 10 a.m. after the lockdown time. He said that he was receiving assistance from the general public on the implementation of the lockdown and had not received any complaints against the police department in this regard. He clarified that the government has issued permits to fully open petrol bunks in the state, but after the lock down, only permitted vehicles, such as ambulances and oxygen transport, should be allowed to petrol bunks.