If You always Spend Too Much Time On Facebook And Whatsapp,These Advices Are For you


Viral News Boy :- Many of us spend a whole lot of our time on our phones navigating through our Facebook and WhatsApp accounts all day. Most of the time , the activities we engage in there are not productive at all and we just waste data all in the name of being online. These advices are for those who are always spending time in WhatsApp or Facebook: 

1. Make a time table of your activities and cut in a small portion for your social media activities because social media consumes a lot of time.


2.if you always on Facebook , find a page or platform that teaches educative and productive ideas

3. Find a way to monetize the apps you can do this by creating a business page on any of the apps and use it to your advantage

4. Spend less time with your phone, that way you won’t let those app distract your productivity

5Eat light meals at night and sleep on time because it helps reduce your level of addiction