Hyderabad police use Brahmandam to create awareness about job frauds


One such method is to create memes involving celebrities on social media platforms highlighting the online frauds so that they immediately attract the attention of the netizens.

In the latest video posted on their Twitter handle, the Hyderabad police created a collage of memes involving scenes of popular Tollywood comedian Brahmanandam from his various films, to highlight the trends of online job rackets.

The video, titled “Beware of fraud jobs,” shows how fraudsters offer you a job through email first; then ask you to pay the registration fees for attending an interview. In the third step, they even conduct an online interview and then “select” you for the job. In the final step, they ask you to cough up more money to send you the offer letter, before winding up the online job offer. It is only then that you realise you have been taken for a ride.

The Hyderabad police have used memes of Brahmanandam’s facial expressions, based on his roles in various films, to show how people get cheated by such online job rackets.

Several fraudulent online platforms were nabbed in recent times in incidents where victims were promised jobs and were looted money. The city police are taking up several specialized methods to make people aware of scams going on.