How to toon a picture in Photoshop



Drag the picture into photoshop workspace


The increase the resolution by

Go to image

Then image size

The default resolution is 72 increase it to 300 to make your image clear



Use pen tools to stretch out the image

Set your pen tool to shape, off the fill, set stroke as black size as 2



Start to stretch


Then press ctrl + right on the shape on layer to select what you have stetch

Press ctrl +shift + I to select inverse

Then press “delete”



Start the inner outline

Duplicate the photo layer in case of mistakes


When are done you get something like this



Fill the skin with color

Use the pen tool to mark out the area you want to color then fill it

Time to color the hair


Use the pen tools to mark were you want to color black


Now let work on the eyes

Same process use the pen tools to markout were you want to color either black or white


Then group all the layer of the different colors of the eyes

Let add some shadows to the skin

To do this we posterize the image


Now we can mark out the different shape using pen tools

First let mark out the darkness shape “black” from the posterize image


Then we pick other color

Now lets mark out the “dark red” 

The more you pick color the better


If you do it well you will get this…..


So let work on the shirt

Mark out the shirt and fill it with color.


Then reduce the opacity to your taste.


I didn’t work on the watch, I just cut it from the main picture


Just put any background that fit the image…..