How To Speed Up Your Laptop: 6 Ways To Boost Your Pc.



Viral News Boy :- Before going out to get another new devices, there is a lot of things you can do to boost the speed of your current device.

This are step to follow to speed up your laptop:

1. How to speed up your laptop or PC: Upgrade your Ram


You can get new or nice performance boosting by upgrade your Ram(random access memory). If you your system is run on a 2Gb and extra few gigabytes won’t cost you so much to get, a new Ram can improve the health of your system and prevent it from been slow.

2. How to speed up your laptop or PC: Switch to SSD


one of the best way to improve the speed of your system install an SSD. When SSD from lenovo thinkpad laptop to any AMD desktop, SSD will improve the AMD desktop. SSD still cost more than hard disks

3. How to speed up your laptop or PC: Install CCleaner


There are many utilities designed to remove unnecessary unwanted files and extension on laptop and PC desktop. CCleaner are piece of software that control your hard drive from file hogging in the disk space such may include: internet cookies, temporary deleted files still present in the system, and unused registry files. Once CCleaner has downloaded and installed start the program by default.

4. How to speed up your laptop or PC: limit startup tasks and programs

when you switch on your system some bunch of programs with automatically open and start running on their own. In order to control this app from running on their own go to your task manager and click on the startup tab. Here you will find a list of programs, you can enable and disable which ever ones you feel is necessary.

5. How to speed up your laptop or PC: switch off your animation

If you are sensitive to the visual effect, you can turn off the animation since most animation shrinking app in the background when you close them.

i. Open the ease of access setting by going through the windows logo key.

ii. In the ease of access setting select display by column on the left.

iii. At the right hand of the desktop screen, scroll down and personalise windows section


6. How to speed up your laptop or PC: switch from windows to Linux.

Linux is also like window operation but some how different. To switch from windows to Linux press Alt + tab and then release the tab but continue to hold the Alt. Press Tab repeatedly to continue to cycle around various list of Windows which appear on the screen.release the Alt key to select the needed windows.


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